There are places in North Norfolk that you will hear the most amusing ghostly tales and see the most inspiring architecture. They are called the Stately homes. There you will also learn about British heritage and explore existence of those who lived in the country. Anne Boleyn and Albert Einstein both contribute to the fascinating and distinguished tales of North Norfolk.

  • Blickling Hall: The Blickling Hall will keep visitors engaged for hours with the story of Anne Boleyn whose execution took place in the estate. There have been claims from residents that Anne along with the rest of the Boylens still haunts the estate. They actually claim to see ghostly images of them appearing in the dead of night.
  • Felbrigg Hall: Felbrigg Hall is one of North Norfolk’s greatest treasures which was built before the Norman conquest. It got its name from a scadinavian word ‘Fiolbrygga’ which translates to plank bridge. In the 15th century, it was acquired by the Wyndham family who has been the generational inhabitants.
  • Wolterton Park: During the middle ages Wolterton Park was held by the de Wolterton family. It was purchased and remodelled by Horatio Walpole in 1722, brother to the first Prime Minister of England. It was razed down by a fire two years into its remodeling and work ceased. Thomas Ripley, a well known achiteture was appointed a year later to redesign the estate.
  • Holkham Hall: This is where brilliant Palladian revival style architecture can be seen in a decent amount. It is continually inhabited, not always open to the public and remains under the supervision of the Coke family.
  • Sandringham House: The Sandringham Estate was purchased by Queen Victoria in 1862 and has remained a private residence of the royal family for 4 generations. Princess Diana, during her marriage to Charles spent time on the estate and it presently hosts The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and his family.