North Norfolk is a sparsely populated area of Eastern England and a great majority of the area is arable farmland. The primary occupation here is production of food. This means that foods produced not only includes food crops but also livestocks.

North Norfolk is famed for its beautiful natural coastal environment scattered with fishing towns and villages. The fishing industry today employs hundreds of people and the economy of the North Norfolk is dependent on tourism and the fishing industry. Therefore living in North Norfolk means being an active farmer. You can either cultivate crops or work in the fishing sector. You can otherwise think about starting a business or becoming self-employed. Individual businesses flourish very well in North Norfolk. You can get advice, fund and training from support organisations across the District and County.

There are almost no companies in North Norfolk except for small local jobs like working in the land and property department, the tourism industry (which includes hotels, bars and restaurants), schools, and lastly volunteer jobs. Most people have to travel to Norwich 1-2 hours for work. Working from home is also very popular in North Norfolk.

Transportation in North Norfolk

Transportation services around North Norfolk has been made easy by the Community transport schemes as well as the Norfolk public transport. You can use the bus timetables for Norfolk, fill in a form online and you will get all the details of the bus you will be traveling with. The community transport on the other hand picks you up at your house or the nearest place and provide a door-to-door service. Aside these, you have to drive yourself most of the time. School and college transport are running across North Norfolk, Broadland and Norwich daily. The proximity of schools also make north Norfolk a good, practical place to base the family.