North Norfolk is one place in Britain that is highly recommended as a holiday destination and for weekend getaways.

Where to Stay

There is a wide choice of places for visitors to stay in North Norfolk. Its holiday accomodations are among the finest in the UK. Holiday parks offer family friendly accommodations where they can get the chance to explore the outdoors and holidays can be done on a budget for anyone. Self catering cottages are plenty and some truly amazing luxury hotels that can bring luxury to your visit are also available. Get closer to nature by staying at a campsite or a lovely bed and breakfast or campervan close to the beach.

Where to Eat

North Norfolk has a rich agricultural history and is overflowing with local food products. This means that there is an abundance of food. With its long coastline, seafood is plentiful too. Even North Norfolk tourist guide will tell you the same. North Norfolk food experience is truly unique because restaurants, pubs and cafes always try to serve fresh produce. North Norfolk has a strong country pub tradition for ale drinkers and food festivals for food lovers.


Don’t miss the fun of the night in North Norfolk. If you love partying, you don’t want to miss the Scotty Quixx and Baxter’s. If watching a band or being at a festival is your thing, you can go to places like Norva. Bring a flask and binoculars and you can enjoy the wonder of the skies. The dark skies at night are remarkable and is something to boast of. Two sites earned the status of the Dark Sky Discovery Site because of this. One is the Kelling Heath Holiday Park and the other Wiveton Downs. These dark sky sites are one of the few places in the UK where you can see the northern lights, or aurora borealis.